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Christmas Lighting Cotton Candy Tree with Red and Green

Holiday  Lighting

Holiday & Christmas Lighting Process


Holiday Options

Decor Maintenance

Installation & Removal


Christmas Lighting

Here at Lang Lighting and Decor we offer FREE Christmas and holiday lighting consultations. Just give us a call at 608-446-7541  or fill out the "LIGHT ME UP" form below and we will work with you to create a custom Christmas holiday display that will stand out!


Christmas Lighting Options

Upgrading to our commercial-grade LED-powered Christmas and holiday lights on your new display will give you cutting edge technology and a beautiful symmetrical look.

We also offer many different Christmas and holiday products to compliment your design tastes!


Christmas Lighting

Worried about having that bulb burn out before the family comes over for Christmas? Lang Lighting and Decor services all Christmas and holiday decor customers within 72 hours or less of the initial call. 


*Only applicable for Christmas lights purchased through Lang Lighting and Decor LLC.


Installation of Christmas Lighting

Our team of professionals are fully insured and will install your Christmas lighting and holiday decor to your perfection. We ensure an efficient, durable and safe way to illuminate your home for Christmas! ​ 


After the Christmas season, we will remove all of your Christmas decor at no additional cost. 


Christmas Lighting Storage

No need to store all those Christmas decorations! In the off-season all Christmas and holiday products will be stored  in our warehouse so you can maximize your personal storage space.



Holiday & Christmas  GALLERY

608 446 7541

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Inception Lighting

Permanent Christmas Lighting
"Never Hang Your Christmas Lights Again"

One Time Installation

Inception Lighting is permanently installed on the facia of your home or business right underneath the gutter line. This product is designed to point straight out to mimic the design of your traditional C9 Christmas light bulb. The product is designed to look invisible during the day and bright at night. 


Inception Lighting C9 Bulb.png


Inception Lighting After.png

Inception Lighting (RGB Permanent Lighting) has a 3 design components (The Track, The Lights and The Cover). The track is designed with durable UV resistant plastic with a 3M industrial adhesive on the back. All Tracks come in the color Gray. The lights are spaced 12" or 1ft. apart from the center of each LED diode and is a translucent to the naked eye. The cover which blends in with the facia of the home comes with 5 different color choices (Black, White, Tan, Gray and Brown). 

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App Controlled

Inception Lighting is all app controlled from your iPhone or android device and connected through Bluetooth or add a gateway device to control your lighting system remotely! Bluetooth mesh technology links multiple controllers for nearly unlimited lighting in an area.

Over 30,000 colors

Choose from over 30,000 colors and dial in your favorite color choice. Customize your lighting display with an assortment of effects by updating the colors and speed. Have your entire display chase all around your home or business or choose the "Static" effect and celebrate your traidtional holidays.

What to Celebrate?

Sure some people consider them “permanent Christmas lights”, but since they are installed year-round and can be any color you want, why not use them for every holiday? Saint Patrick’s day, Valentine’s day, patriotic holidays. But don’t stop at just holidays. Maybe game day colors to support your favorite team, or a color to support a health awareness issue, or cause. Solid warm white is an option to compliment your existing architectural accent lighting for every other day of the year. These lights are truly designed for any color, any season, any reason. The possibilities are endless!

Inception Lighting Gallery

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Landscape Lighting

Extend your outdoor living space
with low voltage landscape lighting!

Accent Up Lighting

Adding accent up lighting to your home creates a rich and dynamic elegance to your home at night. In addition to lighting on your home we can up light trees around the property to highlight them in the evening.

Wall Wash

This technique is used to light up a rock wall or a retaining wall by shinning light upwards onto the wall to highlight features.

Path Lighting

Light up walkways around your home using path lights. The path lights we install are commercial grade and are made of brass to with stand the harsh Wisconsin weather. In addition, they provide enough lighting to properly light up your walkways compared to solar lights purchased at a box store retailer.

Soffit Lighting

We install low voltage soffit lighting. Choose from an assortment of finishes to compliment your soffit to completely blend in. We offer both 2,700k, 3,000k and full color changing options. 

Outdoor Audio

Install outdoor audio directly into your landscape beds with our premium high quality audio from Sonos. With their directional speaker technology you can enjoy music from the entire backyard patio without being too close or too far away from the sound.

Bistro Lighting

Spring and Summer means it’s time for backyard parties. Upgrade your backyard with patio lighting to keep the party going after dark. Set an elegant mood for a romantic evening. All lighting is custom cut to the length needed in each project. All lighting is remote controlled and dimmable to set the appropriate mood.


Landscape Lighting Gallery